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Security trial 

Increased control and monitoring of security events

Suspicious activity of an admin or a supplier

Unauthorized access to the information system

Unauthorized changes to records and damage caused by a third party

Violation of terms of contract

Violation of laws and regulations

Expansion of infrastructure to include remote users changes the overall security architecture. Some of the measures implemented inside the perimeter cannot be applied to remote locations. Therefore, it is necessary to have a detailed overview of activities - reports and logs which may indicate potentially dangerous activity of a user or attacker. This improves your ability to respond.

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  • The Rapid7 InsightIDR platform for security monitoring, 90 day license
  • Consulting to implement Rapid7 InsightIDR, including an implementation plan
  • TrendMicro DeepDiscovery Inspector (VA), a network security probe, 60 day license
  • Consulting to implement TrendMicro DeepDiscovery Inspector, including an implementation plan
  • The ThreatGuard platform providing information on threats, 60 day license
  • Automated testing of vulnerabilities of external systems accessible online
  • Temporary automated testing of vulnerabilities of external systems accessible online. Risk analysis consulting.