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Security Trial

In response to increased demand we are offering a free trial of our expert cyber-security services and products. We want to assist you now and in the future.

When can benefit from this offer?

  • You have a security problem which you cannot identify. Use a consultation to obtain peace of mind
  • You are a company or an organization with insufficient staff or money
  • Your employees connect using their own devices and you want to make sure that their devices meet the required security standards
  • You want to choose a reference security solution for your business or agency
  • You are using many free apps in your company and you never know where your documents are backed up
  • You need to specify remote access standards and policies
  • You are using MS Office 365
  • You want anti-phishing training
  • You are a company or an agency of 100-500 employees, a municipality, school, university, institute or a health-care institution

Anti-epidemic measures and the year 2020 will change the world for good. At the peak of extraordinary measures as many as 80% of employees in Europe worked from home and thousands of people learned to use video-conferencing "overnight"; governments and embassies began meeting online and schools moved into virtual classrooms. The volume of these activities is accompanied by an increasing number of security incidents and opportunities for cyber-crime.

A new normality is being created and cyber-security is becoming integral to all areas and activities. Resolve the issue now and be ready for the future. To help companies, municipalities, schools and institutions we collaborate with our partners to introduce a temporary free offering.