Cyber Security 

Artificial Intelligence

Large scale data analysis and real-time outcome assessment are the future of everything.

  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

We help our customers develop their Big Data strategies in order to increase the efficiency of their analysis of the information contained in the data. Our products and services permit secure storage, study and analysis of any data type without size limitations. Our services include an expert audit of the whole organization, its infrastructure and its data management, analysis and control.

We also offer the analysis of unstructured data, text messages and chats, spoken word and video using AI technologies and Incremental Machine Learning.

Our services deliver high added value by combining standard cyber security measures with AI technologies and Incremental Machine Learning into one integral whole. This benefits the client through a synergetic use of technologies for Security Information and Event Management, and security monitoring, and technologies for indexing, search and analysis of information in a legible form and context.

We also design and deliver special hardware solutions for machine learning and deep learning, and high performance computing using NVIDIA products. Deliverables include technical training and examples of the use of framing for image and voice recognition, mathematical modeling and other specialized functions.

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