Classified Information Protection 

Specialized solutions for protecting electronic classified information

We specialize in the delivery of solutions for the protection of classified information in electronic form, adapted to the specific requirements of customers. These solutions include special hardware products and software solutions for handling sensitive and confidential information at various confidentiality levels up to SECRET, EU SECRET and NATO SECRET.

The hardware portfolio consists mainly of technical means based on IT components protected against harmful electromagnetic radiation or "Tempest"-rated components which meet the standard NATO SDIP-27 Levels A, B and C, i.e. TEMPEST computers, printers, scanners, monitors, LAN switches, projectors, data racks etc. Our services include the drafting of the required security documentation in accordance with the Slovak National Security Office Decree No. 339/2004 on the Security of Technical Means. We also provide the necessary cooperation for the certification of technical means by the Slovak National Security Authority.

Our solutions include complete installation on site/in the premises of the customer and the training of the IT system administrator, security administrator and users in managin, using and working with the technical means.

The technology we recommend to our customers consists of TEMPEST solutions by our technological partners Siltec, Eurotempest, SST and others, which meet the requirements of the Slovak National Security Authority and the security authorities of the European Union and NATO.

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