Unified communications

Your colleagues will always reach you

Unified Communications is a solution interconnecting computers, fixed-line phones and mobiles into a unified communication system. It enables individuals – whether at work, at home or abroad – to be always accessible for cooperation, as if sitting in the office. In addition, it also expands communication with new channels and capabilities, such as chat, video-conferencing or document sharing.

All you have to do is click on a name in a list, after which you are offered various means of contacting a colleague. You can start with a short chat message, and continue in a video-conference, or a mobile phone call. Together, you may edit a text document, a spreadsheet or a presentation via a shared desktop. If you are struggling with a task, you can invite other colleagues to assist you in a virtual environment.

Unified Communications enable grouping of contacts into various categories. For each individual, you see their presence status, e.g. they might be in a business meeting. You can view their calendar to find out about their availability. We offer solutions not only for organisations with employees in various locations, but also for businesses that frequently send their staff on business trips, or allow them to work from home.

Main advantages of Uniffied Communications

Unified Communications not only simplify your communication, but help you save time and reduce cost of travel. One example says it all: If you want to introduce a new product to your employees, you do not have to summon them to a joint staff training. You send them an invitation, and at your time of choice, introduce the product via a presentation or a video-conference. At the same time, you can answer their questions and comments.

In many organisations, employees are allowed to use applications like Skype, MSN, ICQ, or social networks like Facebook and Google+, which simplify their communication with friends and colleagues. They add these to their communication tools without deeper knowledge of the involved technology. The contribution of these tools to productivity is questionable, and they also represent a considerable security risk.

With our solutions, you will have all of the communication channels under your control. In order for Unified Communications to bring you the expected benefits, you need a reliable systems integrator with extensive telecommunication know-how, one that will be able to correctly implement communication processes in your organisation. We have an extensive experience with implementing telecommunication solutions and products from various suppliers.

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