IT security

We will protect your data

We offer assistance with protecting your information assets. We provide complex security solutions, consulting, advisory and deployment services. We will help you with creating security procedures and policies. We will design and implement security projects aimed at protecting personal data and classified content, including encryption technologies.

We are also able to deploy protection against unwanted electromagnetic emission. In addition, we provide training in IT security, conduct risk analysis, and security audits of information systems. Simply, we offer everything you need from the entire spectrum of security services, be it architecture designs, or selection and implementation of a wide portfolio of security solutions.

Business solutions for security

We cooperate with the world’s leading technology companies in the field of information security. However, we also engage in our own development, focusing on encrypted protection of classified content and sensitive data, especially under ‘mobile’ conditions. The result of our effort is the Alison Portable Security Device (A-PSD) system.

  • firewalls
  • network intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • monitoring and management of IT security
  • access control and identity management
  • data loss and data leak prevention solutions
  • security incidence investigation and forensic analyses
  • virtualization platform security and cloud computing solutions
  • penetration and vulnerability tests
  • outsourcing of security reports

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