ALISON Slovakia

About company

Since early 1990s, the Ericsson brand and its extensive communication solutions provided the background to our company. Today, ALISON is an independent and established brand on its own. Since its foundation in 2006, economy, technology, perception of security and communication have all changed. We have both the experience and the courage for modern solutions. We have rigorously developed our skills and competencies, which is why we are capable of being a trustworthy partner for large projects. We believe that although the world of technologies is precisely defined, there is always room for creativity.

Customer service

Our company has a long-term experience in customer service in both the public and the private sector, and we can offer a well-developed quality of service system. We believe info-communication solutions are a dialogue between partners. Our task is to listen to you and then design solutions that provide you with security and ability to use all advantages of the modern technologies.

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